1. "Package of a day of coordination"


   Before the Wedding:​

- Meet two times with the bride and groom to go over details of the wedding (focused mostly 3 weeks before the wedding)

- Telephone and email communication as needed

- Confirm final details and program

- Visit the venue to get familiarize with the floor plan and decor (wedding rehearsal )

- Conduction of the wedding rehearsal

- Contact the vendors and distributors to confirm last details

   On the wedding day:

- Make sure vendors show up on time.

- Instruct all vendor where to set-up and answer any questions that may arise

- Set up the programs 

- Ensure that the couple's vision is implemented as the way they've planned it

- Keep in touch with the bridal team during the whole wedding to inform in advance of each event

- Make sure all vendors are finalizing their work before ceremony starts

- Inform the pastor and musicians/playback tech to be ready to queue the music and keep the processional flowing as planned

- Usher the guests to the venue reception and direct them to the gifts table, guest book table, etc.

- Try to keep the wedding moving according to the program

- Be there the whole time for any needs that the bride and groom may have

- Pack up all of the personal property and wedding gifts and have them ready to be taken to a family member at the end of the night​

​2. "Package of a day of coordination + Catering Server Team"

- All details mentioned above "Before the Wedding + On the Wedding Day"

-Full service from our prestigious catering servers team which includes: serving food, checking up on guests constantly, and clean up. Any other needs as (i.e. childcare, arranging food into boxes, packing wedding arrangements, etc) will be discussed separately.


*Prices starting as low as $1000

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