Best day of our life and I'm so happy I trusted this girl with it and gave it into her hands with all the details . She went out of her way to help me and not only took care of the things I didn't have time to she was also so so supportive throughout the whole planning time. She gave me ideas and reminded me to do the small details that I would totally forget if not for her. On the wedding day I didn't have to worry about anything if I had any questions or anything that I needed I didn't have to look for her, I text and called her if I needed something to be taken care of. Throughout the whole morning she was in contact with my whole bridal party and every person who was involved. Thanks to her I didn't have to worry about someone being late or something to be not taken care of. Thank you girl so much for making my day so care free for me I couldn't imagine wedding coordinators could be so helpful! I know it wasn't easy for you and I'm so blessed you were there for me. I know you will go so so far with your career, best of luck to you❤️ -Mr. And Mrs. Vlasov 💓

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